Monday, July 16, 2007

The 10 Commandments for the Perfect Business Attire (Contd)

A piece of dress code advice that seems to be the common theme among self-improvement books is to dress for the next level. This does not mean that you should look 10 years older but instead dress sharp and clean (remember my previous blog, no more pink fuzzy shirts).

The next 5 rules to create a Biz Girl outfit:

6- Well tailored pants – avoid skinny pants that cling to your figure and have a ‘teenage’ look. Black pants are a must; own at least 2 pairs.

7- Shoes – I love high heels; they make me feel powerful. I believe that at least a couple of inches are necessary for a Biz Girl outfit. Choose elegant, closed-toe shoes that are comfortable. Make sure your shoes are always clean. A tip for you: if you don’t have shoe polish, use a cotton ball and a small amount of body/facial cream on leather shoes (leather is skin – yep!).

8- Spanx – this one is for curvy girls. Spanx are a miracle sent from heaven, you put them on and your body becomes a smooth flawless figure. Invest in at least one pair of spanx (they are around $40-50 but will last forever).

9- Bras – ALWAYS wear a bra even if your size is a -10 AAA. One common mistake women make is to wear a white bra under a white shirt. This is a no-no. Buy a skin color bra to wear under clear color shirts.

10- Be creative – I am not saying put holes in your well tailored pants and paint butterflies in your platform shoes, but include a touch of your personality in your conservative outfit… you will look polished and unique. You will look like a Biz Girl!

I hope you enjoyed these tips about creating a Biz Girl look. I will definitely write more about this subject including make-up, hair and a specific example for each commandment.
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Watch out for the Tuesday posting about How to Set Up a Budget – you don’t want to miss this one :-)

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