Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Rise and Shine: how to get ready in 30 minutes

It’s amazing how a few extra minutes of sleep can be a blessing in the morning, especially when you had less than 7 hours of sleep. I used to hit the Snooze button and hope that my alarm would never ring again. But it always did…

I developed a small routine that allows me to sleep a little longer and get ready in no time! Here are 3 tips that can help you get ready faster:

The night before, get everything you need ready as if you were going to leave the house the next minute. For example, I would pack my laptop bag/handbag and place them on a table next to the door, so all I have to do the next morning is pick them up and leave.

The night before, get your clothes ready for the next day. You really don’t want to look at your closet when you are half asleep, thinking that green is a new shade of blue, and wondering where the new puppy hid your shoe. Put your clothes, underwear, shoes, and any kind of accessories on the side the night before and I guarantee you’ll save at least 10-15 minutes each morning.

One word: Mineral Make-Up. I have been putting make up for the last 12 years and nothing I have tried so far is more efficient than mineral make-up. It is fast, easy to apply, not messy, and gives you that ‘fresh’ look: “I am naturally beautiful.”

Following the 3 rules above, I can get ready in 30 minutes every morning!

7:00 am – Wake up and jump in the shower (I wash my hair the night before so it’s dry in the morning)
7:15 am – Put clothes on
7:20 am – Put make up on
7:30 am – Pick up bags and ready to go out

It is actually faster to get most of my things ready for the next day, because in the morning I am half-asleep and it takes me longer to process things! I hope the tricks above work for you as well. Feel free to share any tricks that you might have for a fast rise and shine!

See you at my next entry about ‘Make Up for Work’.


The Biz Girl