Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The 10 Commandments for the Perfect Business Attire

When I graduated from school and got my first job, I faced a dilemma that no one told me about: the dress code. Gone those days where ripped jeans were viewed as ‘cool’ and when a pink fuzzy shirt made me look like the hottest ‘almost-geeky’ girl in the Computer Science graduate department. Corporate America is based on brain power, looks, positive attitude, looks, achievement, looks, over-achievement, looks… as you can see, ‘looks’ come up at all times.

The problem (or the challenge as they prefer to call it in the business world) is that it is expensive to dress well for your first job, especially when you are a recent graduate and the shadows of school loans are throbbing in your head.

No worries! I am going to share with you some tips and rules in how to create a Biz Girl look:

1- Crisp and Clean shirts – always make sure that your shirts are clean and ironed (keep a ‘Tide to Go’ in your purse at all times!)

2- Solid and Clean colors – in my definition a ‘Dirty’ color is any color that you can not name, for example the green/brownish colors that you might attempt to call ‘Earthy Khaki’ (this camouflage will not work so well in the office!)

3- Black and White – some of you might think that this combination is boring. However, a fashionable Black and White look (by combining steps 4 and 5) can be a winning business outfit

4- Simple Accessories – Accessories such as belts, silk scarves, etc. can change the look of an outfit (no extravagant choices please!)

5- Layering – adding a vest over a business shirt or a business shirt beneath a dress can create a whole new outfit

The pictures below depict these 5 rules.

Check my posting on Sunday for the additional 5 commandments.
The Biz Girl

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Esa D. said...

Hooray for black and white!!!